About Unlock Your Mind Jewels 


Hi, my name is Christin and I am the creator, artist, and owner behind Unlock Your Mind Jewels! Unlock Your Mind Jewels came into being in 2016 when my love for rocks and crystals and the space I had for them collided.  I was seriously running out of space and needed to find a way to showcase my crystals, my husband recommended wire wrapping and it was love at first attempt.  I quickly realized that I wanted to keep everything I created, but I had to learn quickly that sharing my art was caring. 


In everything I create I put my heart into it. Whether it is jewelry, resin, dream catchers, etc. I make it the best that I can because my product reflects me. When I create a piece of jewelry I try to let the beauty of each stone be the focus of the piece.  Each stone is unique and beautiful in its own way just like each individual person on this planet. It's nice to meet all of you and I can not wait to create you something special!